Friday, January 25, 2008


Kyle's flight made it out of Wuhan so I won't be going to the hospital. A representative from Jeremy's school is apparently going with Kyle (and a Chinese Brother that Kyle brought along), but said representative seems to be fixated with the medical costs and is griping about getting insurance numbers and whatnot. I'm pretty sure Kyle is walking the line between extreme irritation and physical violence, trying not to punch that lady in the face. No further updates on Jeremy's condition since last I heard. He wasn't doing well at that time. Continue to pray for him and his family.


Grams said...

Brian -- so sorry about Jeremy. I know you are very worried about him. We will surely keep Jeremy in out prayers.

Love you lots

Donna said...


We were so concerned when we read about Jeremy. We'll certainly add our prayers to others going up.Let us hear any news as soon as you have it.

We're amazed that you can actually retain all that "Scribble and Scrabble"!!!!! We're glad it's yto and not us!! At the moment, Aunt Donna has trouble remembering where she is!!!! GMother, of course, always knows where she is!!

Take care of yourself and we love you.

Aunt Donna