Sunday, January 06, 2008

The musical fruit

This entry is a bit on the lighter side. If you're easily offended by gaseous humor then I suggest you turn away now. If not, this is your lucky day! I've been using to brush up on my Chinese lately. It's short and organized into different skill levels, so it's got something for everyone. Here's a nice lesson I noticed in the Newbie section, so next time I come home I expect everyone I know to be an expert at accusing others of passing gas. Go ahead! It only takes a few minutes to learn. I included the text from the website that goes along with the lesson.

Lesson Introduction

Some things are not discussed in polite society. In today's groundbreaking lesson in Mandarin Chinese, we run through how to shatter that taboo and accuse your friends, neighbors and language partners of... well, having an overabundance of spirits. Note: vocabulary also useful when touring certain alternative-energy plants

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