Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Jeremy Update (revised)

In the latest email update I've received, Jeremy now has two friends by his side in the hospital, Kyle Meyers and Sparkie Smith. Jeremy is under constant supervision by doctors from the hospital and also by some doctors sent by the embassy. I've heard that he was "attacked" by an elephant, "trampled" by an elephant, and "gored" by an elephant, so I don't know the exact nature of all of his injuries. The only specific I know is that he had damage to his lungs and he has a broken shoulder, among many other injuries. At first he was on a respirator and had blood oxygen content around 70%, but now he is off the respirator. He still needs oxygen but his blood oxygen level is at 90% or above. He's being "incredibly positive and faithful". Right now his breathing is the most critical thing and it has been slowly improving from quick and shallow to a steadier rhythm. They think that they will be able to move him to a hospital in Thailand, but it will be Monday afternoon at the earliest. It all depends on his breathing, I think. His insurance company requested the move to Thailand since they have more experience in elephant related injuries. The doctors say it will be a long recovery and that he may walk again in 3 months.

Thanks everyone, for your prayers and mindfulness in this. A lot of you have been expressing sympathy and support to me, but I want to let you know that this isn't the same Jeremy I have a link to on my blog. I don't actually know this Jeremy, but we're in China in the same circumstances and those of us in Kunming were in a position to possibly get to his side faster than anyone else. That's why I was possibly going to go down. I just say that so that people won't worry about me at all. Continue to keep Jeremy in your thoughts, though. He needs it, I don't. I know some friends of his family have been reading this, so I'll try to keep things updated as I find out more.

On a more personal note, language school is going pretty well. I think this 6 days of class each week almost got to me this past week. Saturday came along and I just didn't care anymore. But now it's Sunday, I don't have class, and I can just study all day long instead of going to class and then studying. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Monday or Tuesday I think I'll start book 3. My teacher is excited because no one studying at this school has ever made it to book 3. I'll be the first. Yay! Most of my day still consists of class and studying, but we've finished 12 of 20 days of class so it won't be much longer now until we're done and I can move on to things outside of this building. On that note, it's 9:30 in the morning and I haven't even started studying yet. I should get on that.

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Brandon Fike said...

It makes sense that they'd send him to Thailand where I currently live and work.

I worked in China for two years and never saw a single elephant whereas I've seen dozens since arriving in Thailand 7 or 8 months ago.

I figure there's a lot more elephant-related injuries in Thailand than China so the doctors here are probably more familiar with the necessary treatment.

Just my theory.