Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prayer Request

Jeremy McGill, a teacher with our group in Wuhan, was trampled by an elephant while traveling in southern Yunnan province. He's alone and in critical condition in the hospital. His friend in Wuhan is trying to get a flight down to be with him but there's a possibility that he won't be able to because of a snowstorm in Wuhan. If Kyle can't get a flight then I will probably go down today because Kunming is in the same province so the three of us at language school are the closest people to him. The latest report said he wasn't improving and some doctors were on their way from the embassy to check on him. Please keep him and his family in your prayers constantly.


Brandon Fike said...

I got the messages about Jeremy too because I went with a group to Wuhan in 2003. Not sure if I met him or not. When did he first go there? Are there any pics of him?

The name sounds familiar but I'm trying to place a face.

Whethere I know him or not though I hope he recovers.

Anonymous said...

We work with Jeremy's mom and please know our heart felt prayers are with all for his recovery.

Thomas and Nan