Friday, January 04, 2008


I realize this is the fourth time I've blogged today. Are you complaining? Didn't think so. This is an important announcement to everyone who wants to prove that they love me! Continental, United, and Northwest currently all have tickets available to China (Beijing or Shanghai) for under $1000. You could get to Xi'an or Wuhan (closer to me) for $1200. This isn't an everyday occurrence so you need to take advantage now. This is a limited time offer. Strike while the iron is hot. Buy low, sell high. Come visit me and guarantee your spot on my friend list. IF and WHEN you decide to buy a ticket to come visit me, check with me about any arrival/departure dates. March is a good time, or April. I'll be back in town, it'll be warmer, and the flowers will be blooming. Theoretically. Anyhoo, I realize everyone doesn't have an extra $1000 laying around for something like this. But if you do, consider China. And consider your good friend, Brian. I'll show you a good time, provide food, shelter, and entertainment. What more could you ask for? A chance to see the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Wudang Mountain, me. It's the ultimate vacation! Go online now to,,,, or whatever website you prefer. You'll need a passport and a Chinese entry visa, so plan ahead. Feel free to direct any questions my way. Act now! Supplies are limited! Going fast! Strike while the iron is hot! A bird in the hand is worth a ticket to China! It's better to have gone and visited than never to have gone at all! Just do it!

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