Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Search Continues

In case you've missed it, here are the ideas people have left me so far. And by people, I mean two people. Thanks Guy and Andrew! Now all you other deadbeats need to get to work thinking up this stuff for me.

- Brian loving China, living in America

- How to be Brian, The Idiot's Guide

- Why Brian is cool... and then some

- Brian should blog more, but he needs help ... give him ideas!

- Brian's Amazing Blog (you'd just have to live up to it)

- Brian: The Complete Rebuild

- Brian: So Cool, So Hot, So What Now?

- The Life of Brian, No, Not That Brian, This Brian

- Brian's Brains Exposed and Recomposed (Left & Right, Chinese & American)

American Themes:
- BriAmerica
- US of Brianica
- Red, White and Brian
- Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Brian-ness
- Brian - Made in America

I appreciate the input, I've definitely got a favorite. I'm not going to say which, I wouldn't want to influence any future voting or suggestions. If anyone wants to branch out from the nationalistic themes, feel free. If you need some inspiration, here's a list of some things I enjoy. Jack Johnson, ice cream, oreos, free stuff, quiet time, dogs, fish, grilled food, burning stuff in a fireplace or campfire, running, walking, standing, sitting, breathing, Guitar Hero, Mandolin Hero, Cello Hero, Jell-O pudding pops, Chinese food, counting, email, cherry dump cake, hockey games, things involving rivers, things involving throwing rocks into water, getting a haircut, not shaving, the feeling after shaving after having not shaved for a while, having my shoes off, and chicken wings. Obviously, that list is not all inclusive, but it might spark some creativity in someone out there.

Due to the fact that I got some suggestions on the first day even though I wasn't expecting any, I'm now setting the end of this "contest" at 7pm EST March 3rd. That's Wednesday, people! If you want to influence the future of the world, this is your chance. Name my blog. Bonus points if you can provide an appropriate picture or other artwork to complement the name you choose.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ministry of the Day - Teen Hope Line

Lately I've felt like there's no way I could ever make enough money to give to all the people who need things. So I've decided to share things as they come to my attention and hopefully someone else out there will see it and be moved to giving.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Teen Hope Line. It's an organization based in Spring Hill, TN that offers help to struggling teens all over the country. I go to a midweek church group with three of the interns who works there. The website can give a lot more information than I can, so I'll just insert some text I copied straight from it.

Since its inception in 2001, Teenhopeline has strived to reach out to hurting teenagers and young adults in ways that are relevant to them. has reached out to hundreds of thousands of students since it first started six years ago. In 2007 alone we talked to 55,000 students preventing upwards of 10,000 suicides and seeing approximately 7,000 students come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the one-on-one chat and the alter ministry of Seventh Day Slumber. We feel that God has called us to be the direct line of hope for the lost and hurting. We need partners to stand with us both in prayer and in financial donations. There are many costs involved in running this site including: payments and maintenance on an office and two dorm houses, making sure our internet and phone bills are paid, and keeping between 20 and 30 computers running well. The caring staff that are online each night of the week (except Sunday) are all volunteers who are supported by people who believe in the ministry of Teenhopeline and offer their help through personal sponsorship. If you would like more information about our ministry or would like to donate please email … We are also in need of prayer warriors to stand in the gap for us as we reach out to this hurting generation. Spiritual attack is a constant battle that we face and we believe that prayer is NOT the least that you can do for someone. It is the greatest and most powerful thing that can be done. If you see the value in reaching out to hurting students facing every issue from peer pressure and pornography to depression, suicide, poor self image and self injury, then please pray about how you can stand with us, impact this generation and help them reach their potential.

The interns who work there have to rely on support. They raise about $9300 in order to work there for a year. Out of that, about $170 a month goes to them for their personal use. That means that they rely heavily on donated things. Some current needs listed on the website are:

We need fuel efficient vehicles for our interns to get to work and church in.

We need reliable laptop computers for our interns to use to talk to students on Teenhopeline while on the road with Seventh Day Slumber.

Gift Cards for grocery stores or department stores such as Wal-Mart or Cosco are always needed because our interns live on $170 dollars which covers their food and all other activities for the whole month.

Anything cool for the interns to play with in their free time to unwind with one another when they aren’t online talking to students or on the road with the band (ex. board games, video games, dvds, cds and books)

Gas Cards for fuel for our vehicles to help us get to and from work and around on the road with the band on their tour.
Go check out their website at and learn how you can help them out. You can donate directly on the website or, if you have something you want to send to them, just contact me and I can give it to them on any Wednesday night.

Finding my name

Hello, world! I've been trucking along here in Franklin and I'm starting to get a glimpse of some order in my American life. I've decided to have a contest of sorts to find a new name for my blog. I was rather proud of my old name (Brian-a in China) but I can't tell you how many people were confused by it, wondering why I had changed my name to a girl's name. Hint: It's not Brianna. Brian-a... rhymes... with China. Brian, uh, in China. Like that.

Anyhoo, I got back from China and my blog became Brian-a back from China, which I didn't like at all. But I really had no idea what to call my blog other than Brian's Blog, which is kind of boring. So here I am, asking you. If there's anyone out there who still reads this, please let me know your ideas. There are no rules, I'll just see what you suggest and narrow it down to a winner. If there are too many good ones, I may choose some finalists and have a vote. So get the word out! Brian needs a name for his blog and it needs to be a good one. Deadline? Let's say a week from now, because it may take people awhile to realize I blogged again. So, the deadline is Friday, March 6, 2009 at whatever time I get home from work and check on things. Let the brainstorming begin!