Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Search Continues

In case you've missed it, here are the ideas people have left me so far. And by people, I mean two people. Thanks Guy and Andrew! Now all you other deadbeats need to get to work thinking up this stuff for me.

- Brian loving China, living in America

- How to be Brian, The Idiot's Guide

- Why Brian is cool... and then some

- Brian should blog more, but he needs help ... give him ideas!

- Brian's Amazing Blog (you'd just have to live up to it)

- Brian: The Complete Rebuild

- Brian: So Cool, So Hot, So What Now?

- The Life of Brian, No, Not That Brian, This Brian

- Brian's Brains Exposed and Recomposed (Left & Right, Chinese & American)

American Themes:
- BriAmerica
- US of Brianica
- Red, White and Brian
- Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Brian-ness
- Brian - Made in America

I appreciate the input, I've definitely got a favorite. I'm not going to say which, I wouldn't want to influence any future voting or suggestions. If anyone wants to branch out from the nationalistic themes, feel free. If you need some inspiration, here's a list of some things I enjoy. Jack Johnson, ice cream, oreos, free stuff, quiet time, dogs, fish, grilled food, burning stuff in a fireplace or campfire, running, walking, standing, sitting, breathing, Guitar Hero, Mandolin Hero, Cello Hero, Jell-O pudding pops, Chinese food, counting, email, cherry dump cake, hockey games, things involving rivers, things involving throwing rocks into water, getting a haircut, not shaving, the feeling after shaving after having not shaved for a while, having my shoes off, and chicken wings. Obviously, that list is not all inclusive, but it might spark some creativity in someone out there.

Due to the fact that I got some suggestions on the first day even though I wasn't expecting any, I'm now setting the end of this "contest" at 7pm EST March 3rd. That's Wednesday, people! If you want to influence the future of the world, this is your chance. Name my blog. Bonus points if you can provide an appropriate picture or other artwork to complement the name you choose.

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MamasHood said...

I wish I had a clever title to give you. My brain is like mush right now though. Glad to see you are blogging more.