Monday, March 02, 2009

Blog break

I get a break in the morning and the afternoon at work, but I never remember to take them. We're not supposed to take them within an hour of lunch or closing time, but those are the only times when I start feeling the need for a break. So today I'm experimenting to see if blogging during my break is relaxing or not.

You know those days where every little thing that happens just puts you into a worse and worse mood? I think I'm having one of those days. It's pretty annoying. I always try to step back and analyze the situation, and I find that there's usually no reason at all to be in a bad mood. The dog is standing too close to me. A customer came into the store. Someone looked at me. The wind blew. See? All poor reasons, yet we've all had days where things just as ordinary seem extraordinarily annoying. What can be done? Pretty much what I'm already doing. Step back, say a prayer, take a look, go around it.

On a separate topic, you may notice some Google ads appearing on my blog now. If people click on those I eventually will get paid for it. I'm pretty sure I get about 1/100th of a penny for every click or something ridiculous like that, but feel free to check out any ads that seem even remotely interesting. I might get a check for a dime some day! Break's over.

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Anonymous said...

I so know what you mean but as soon as I leave this place I'll be feeling sooooooo much better.