Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poetry in motion

Part of my lesson everyday is that my teacher will choose a topic within the first 10 minutes or so and I have to give her 10 or more sentences about that topic. The first day she chose American sports, then the Bible, and today she chose fruit. It's pretty random. At the end of today's lesson she taught me a poem that she likes and then told me that tomorrow I need to give her 15 sentences about poetry. That seems a little harder than telling what fruits I like, but luckily there's a lesson about poetry on that I can listen to for some pointers. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing the poem I learned today, so here you go.




vgneal said...

Is the poem about looking at clouds? Miss you.


AFRo said...

Hey Mr. Neal. I bumped into your sister's blog and go figure, I found you. Ha! I'm passing along a request from members of your high school senior class for you to join MySpace where we have created a page to prepare for the 10 year. You know we're all kind of old now... Anyway, there are tons of old pictures to check out from '99 and we'd love to see you. Everybody seemed pretty stunned when Michael Stephen told us you were in China! How cool is that?