Monday, January 28, 2008

Jeremy moves to Bangkok

Two things. First, Jeremy's story made it onto FoxNews. Here's a link.,2933,325894,00.html Second, here's an email update I received this morning.

Kyle & Sparkie report that all of Jeremy's vital signs seem to be fine, but today was a very painful day for him. They do not know if the pain is getting more intense or if his body has gotten used to the medicine. Most of the pain is in his stomach/abdomen area.

Everything is a "go" for Jeremy to be transferred by air ambulance to Bangkok in just a few hours. All of the permits and paperwork is done. The air ambulance has 2 pilots, a critical care doctor and critical care nurse. It is a 2 1/2 hour flight. Sparkie Smith will accompany Jeremy on the plane and stay with him for awhile. Once he arrives, the critical care team in Bangkok will assess all his injuries and prescribe a course of treatment.

As soon as we receive new contact information for Jeremy in the Bangkok hospital, we will forward it on.

Please continue to pray for him.


CNN said...

This is David from CNN in Atlanta. we are interested in interviewing a friend of Jeremy's about the incident. Can you e-mail me with contacts at the hospiatl or for yourself?

jennifer ensor said...

Cool a CNN guy! How crazy is that? Jeremy has been in my prayers.