Monday, March 19, 2007

A puzzling farewell (Part Two)

And so continues the saga of the Tree Puzzle. When last we talked, the puzzle was completed and awaiting execution. Here's the last chapter of the story...

Here is a section of the back of the puzzle. This is important because for most of the puzzle it was impossible to know if you actually had the right piece in the right place. But if you flipped the pieces over, there was a large grid of letters from A to X. If it all lined up then you know you did something right. The only problem was that the puzzle was so flimsy and if you touched one piece then you probably were knocking ten other pieces out of place.

These pictures show me scooping up the puzzle in one smooth motion. Notice how the pieces just come apart like butter. A big butter puzzle.

Of course, we had to stop and see if Angelyn could make a field goal by flicking a puzzle piece. Turns out that it's harder than we first thought.

Now we had the puzzle back in the box and on the balcony. It's not as flammable as we had hoped. Luckily I recently read an article about camping that says you should carry hand sanitizer to help you light a fire because the alcohol in it is flammable. I just happened to have a large bottle of hand sanitizer, so a few squirts later we had a nice fire going.

Here I am basking in the glory of the Tree Puzzle. It was a good moment for me, especially since the fire was warm and it was pretty cold out on the balcony. We ended up with a nice fire and some good entertainment.

These are from my birthday when the Happy Family all came up the hill to bring me a birthday cake. There's a rooster in the middle of it because I was born in the year of the rooster. Just so you know. We had already had a ginormous cake earlier that day (you can see some of the leftovers in the last picture), so the next night we took this second cake down and shared it with the whole family and staff at Happy Guy's restaurant. We then had the most incredible sugar high I've ever experienced, in which Angelyn and I ended up running a few laps at the track and Yvonne did a dance from the Lion King musical for two total strangers who she, for some reason, thought were Angelyn and me. Germans can be strange. I'm happy to say that we recovered from the sugar rush and have since avoided sugar. Until today, at least. We broke open a bag of sweet tarts and I just about ruined my dinner.

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Rachel Cochran said...

I enjoyed your fire pictures, and I appreciate the rooster on your birthday cake. :)