Sunday, March 11, 2007

A puzzling farewell (Part One)

Alrighty then. This is the first of what should be two installments of pictures telling the story of the life and death of the infamous Tree Puzzle. The first picture here is the puzzle with 999 of the pieces in place. I'm pointing out the hole reserved for the one piece that Orange stole at random out of the box. Nice selection.

The next picture is the whole puzzle after I tracked down Orange at her school and got the piece back. I got back at her by threatening to show up at her class the next day, loudly declaring my love for her and embarrassing her in front of everyone she knows. She didn't like that idea.

Finally, we have two puzzle pieces side by side, followed by the same two puzzle pieces stacked. If you'll notice, they are the exact same size and shape. You can see the shape of the pieces in the first picture with my arm in it. There are only two shapes! How annoying.

There are more pictures to come, including photos of the puzzle on fire as we exact our revenge upon it, and pictures from today because it was my BIRTHDAY! w00t! It was a good day. But for now I'm going to get a shower before they turn off the hot water and then go to bed because I'm exhausted from all the excitement. Good night!

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