Sunday, March 11, 2007

A note on Daylight Savings Time

It's apparently that time of year when the US (or most of it, at least) springs forward the clocks. Since China doesn't observe this ancient custom that dates back at least to Benjamin Franklin, that means the difference between our time zones has changed. So now China is exactly 12 hours ahead of Eastern time in the US. That means that at 10pm on Sunday here in China it is 10am Sunday in New Jersey (hey Cooper and Tony and Jennie and whoever else is there!), 9am in Nashville and all parts Central (hey vast majority of the people I know!), 8am in Ruidoso (hey Jace and Jan!), and 7am in Los Angeles (hey Liz and Micah and Natalie!). That's all.


Rachel said...

(I'm actually in India, but who's keeping track??) :P

guymc said...

Can I use the time change as an excuse for not wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on time?!