Monday, March 19, 2007

New Family galore!

I don't know how I made it this long without getting this posted, but there have been exciting things happening all last week! First of all, Saturday night we got a late call saying that a student wanted to go into the Water, so we filled up the tub for the second time in a week and a load of people came over to witness this great event. Because it was so sudden and late at night, a lot of people didn't find out about it until Sunday morning, but that's the best kind of news to receive. The second exciting thing that happened last week was that my sister had a baby girl on Tuesday! Everyone is doing fine and little Katy is at home getting used to life as a little sister. Now I just hope Vail can get used to life as a big sister, Matthew and Jennifer can get used to having two kids, and Jed can get used to more noise in the house. He's probably driving Jennifer crazy wanting to go outside all the time. He never did like it when Vail cried.

Enough about the dog. I'm going to see about putting some pictures on here and then go to bed. I ran 3.5 miles earlier and it has made me look forward to my pillow tonight. So why am I still up and blogging at 1:30? Not sure.

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