Monday, April 23, 2007

New class

Today I learned that I'll be starting a new class after the holiday. Yay? No, not yay. It's an adult class that I'll be teaching at a factory somewhere in town two nights each week. It puts me 6 hours over my limit on hours I should teach each week. I'm not sure why I agreed to it, but at least I'll get some extra money to compensate for it. On Wednesday night I get to go meet the class and observe a Chinese guy teach, then after the holiday I'll be going and teaching on my own. I think adult classes are a lot more difficult because the students are there in their free time after working a full day, you can't joke with them the same way you can with college students, and I really have no idea what their English level or background is going into this thing. But it should be an interesting experience, right? We'll see. Part of me is not looking forward to it, and another part is thinking it should be fun.


Tony said...

hey man, just wanted to say I was thinking about all the coaching you gave me when I would compete and audition and stuff back in the day. I wish you coulda been with me yesterday! I auditioned for the US Navy Band in DC and advanced to the 2nd round! there were 49 candidates, and after the Hindemith sonate, tuba mirum, and a rossini excerpt, they cut it down to 9 people. It was crazy, then they had us play ride of the valkyries (major section), Rolling Thunder March, and then we sight read a quick march in Eb minor. It was terrible! I got cut after that round and they took only 2 to the finals, and then decided not to pick anyone at all. But anywayz, I just wanted to let you know. It looks like things are going well in China. If you are going to be there for a few years, Ash and I are definitely gonna come see you! Love you brother!


Sounds good. We have taught ESL for several months with Latino and Vietnamese students.