Sunday, December 17, 2006

Test video

I'm trying to learn how to put a stinkin' video on here. It would help if I could find a convenient video posting website that would consistently work here. I think I've just about got it, so here is my first video addition. It should be a clip of the taiji routine I'm learning in class. We practice three times a week and I feel like I might actually be learning something. In case you get confused, the video isn't actually of ME.


Grams said...

the film worked for me and came with music and chinese commentary:)

It opened in windows media player.

Neal 24/7 said...

hey bri

do you have to wear pink scrubs like that girl when you are practicing that stuff?


Laura E. said...

What? This isn't you? WOW - I'm glad you told me or otherwise I would have never known...

JD said...

Merry Christmas Brian! Hope you are well and know that you are loved.

By the way...since you hop blog hosts like I eat cookies, you ought to just go to and sign up for a free blog there and then you would not have to deal with all the issues of blogger ... but that's just me!

bless you my friend!