Friday, December 15, 2006

For your viewing pleasure

Well, after forgetting and putting it off for too long, here are some pictures of some things going on around here. These pictures are mainly from last week when some of us went to a poor school out in the mountains near here. The Family here bought uniforms for the students at this school because they don't have any and it's getting cold and the uniforms will double as an extra layer of warmth in the months ahead. In all, there are about 70 students, ranging from 5 to 12 years old. They had an official ceremony to thank us and some other local businessmen who have also given money to these students. These students all come from families that live in the countryside near this school. Most of them can't afford to go to school, so these local businessmen provide money to pay for school, books, and food. One of the businessmen was the owner of the company that made the uniforms. He's a private business owner, which makes it harder for him to turn a profit, I think. But he was kind enough to provide more than 70 uniforms for less than the cost to make them.

We were greeted by the principal in his office, but the students couldn't wait to get a peek at us.

A sister of ours teaches at the school and arranged for the students to sing and dance for us. They actually sang three songs praising the King! Seeds are being planted.

Here are the uniforms, ready to be handed out. The man with his back to the camera owns the company that made them.

One of the students I handed a uniform to.

The longer the ceremony went, the smaller they got!

This guy has the same Chinese name as me. I'm Zhang Bowen and he's Cheng Bowen.

Another kiddo.

The students showing off their new school uniforms.

The Happy family: Happy Guy, Stella, Stewie, and Amber. Stewie isn't dead, he just seems to die whenever a camera is pointed at him. Derek is teaching Amber (and just about every other Chinese person he comes in contact with) to look more like a gangster and flash a hang signal in photos.

Happy Guy and me hanging out after dinner.

I'll hopefully remember to keep the pictures coming. I've got plenty of past pictures to post on here, so as long as I remember then I think your appetites will be satisfied. But now it's time for Taiji class so I need to run along. Live well and be thankful.


Matthew said...

yeah you are really over there. it is good to see your sweet face. nice sweatshirt. looks like you and happy guy need to get some rest. love you lots.


Tony said...

hey dude. got the video to work, it's so cool, and looks super hard. i think I would be like shaking trying to be that slow and smooth. and I think I would fall over when on one foot! lol! enjoy - and next time, post the video of you ;-)