Friday, June 29, 2007

Wii, this is fun!

I think I'm finally coming out of my bunker today. I've been trying to pass the time peacefully the last three days, looking for a good combination of not having to think and talk too much (to avoid crankiness, my most prominent side effect from jetlag) and physical activity. Turns out that the Nintendo Wii can be a pretty good thing to have around. If you haven't ever played with one of these, you should definitely find someone who has one and make them your friend. If only I was as good at bowling, tennis, and golf in real life. I think I may be better at target shooting in real life, though. My right arm is a little sore from swinging at tennis balls and golf balls for a few hours yesterday, but it got my blood flowing and got rid of the headache I've had for the last four days. That's always nice. I guess I could have tried going outside or something, but I settled for the Wii.

Mom and I are going home to MS today. We'll hang out there until after some ridiculous thing we're going to on Sunday afternoon and then we'll head back to Nashville. We'll only be spending one night here because on Monday we'll be going to Ohio to my aunt's and then Wednesday morning we'll be going to PA to my granny's. We'll come back to Nashville again on Saturday and then I don't know what the plan is. I think it's fairly open after that. If anyone wants to call me at my mom's this weekend, call 662-843-8050. We should be home by 6 tonight. I wonder if I can talk Jennifer and Matthew into loaning me the Wii for the weekend...

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