Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jet lag

Yay for jet lag, that's all I can say right now. You know, normally I would try to sleep until 8 or 8:30 on a Sunday morning here, but today I got up at the enchanting hour of 5:45. Weeeeee! Or wii! Whichever. By the way, did I mention that Jennifer and Matthew bought a Nintendo Wii and that for one brief day before coming back here I got to experience the joy and excitement that is the Wii. I think everyone should have one of their own. Or at least access to one. They're just pure fun, that's all it is. That Wiimote is fun to wave around for those games. Anyhoo, back to topic. So I'm back in China as of Friday afternoon, China time, and I'll be glad when I'm sleeping normal hours. Now it's Sunday morning and I'm just passing the time until other people are awake. We still don't know when our classes begin, but some of us may begin on Monday. Yes, that's tomorrow. Our school said they would let us know before the day our class starts, so I guess we may get a call today sometime. I'm hoping for no class tomorrow. Then I can clean the two inches of dust that settled in my apartment while I was gone. It's one thing to have it settle around you over a period of time, it's quite another to leave for three weeks, forget what the dust is like here, and then come back to it. It seems a lot worse than before. The weather is getting warmer though, so maybe it will be warm today or tomorrow and I'll be able to open all the doors and windows and air this place out right. I never understood spring cleaning until I came here. Spring takes a long time in coming and you're always glad to air out the place when it gets here. Seems like my brain is still wandering a bit after my 14 hour flight followed by the 22 hour train, so I'm going to eat some breakfast and hope that next time I blog something I can be a bit more focused and put down something other than "I like video games" and "I don't like dust." We'll see. Hope you're all having a great day/weekend!

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