Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Heading back "home"

To those of you offended, hurt, or upset by the subject line, I'm sorry. I'm beginning my trip back home in about 8 hours or so. My flight leaves Nashville at 6:25 in the AM so I'm planning on a late night tonight so I can sleep on the plane. I'll get to Shanghai around 3:30 Friday afternoon, China time and will then either go straight to catch a train to Shiyan or spend the night on a friend's couch and catch the train the next day. So I'll either be getting home on Saturday or Sunday, depending on the train I take. The train will take around 22 hours (I think) but it goes straight to Shiyan so I shouldn't have any hassles. That's always nice. If I didn't see you or talk to you while I was home, I'm really sorry. I saw and talked to more people than I could keep track of. You can always email me in China, or call me on Skype, or call me on the phone. Just a reminder, has great calling cards to China. 011-86-719-824-1401 Skype lets you talk computer to computer for free, you just need a mic and speakers. And of course, you probably already have my email or are my Facebook friend if you really want to email me or get in touch with me otherwise. Now I just need to go shove some more things into my suitcase and prepare for the long journey. I'll let you know when I get there!

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guymc said...

Fine, just go 'home' and continue your purpose in China! ;) Glad we got to hang out while you were here. See you this summer... by the way, for those who are unsure - I spell my name G-U-Y.