Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Random Pictures

Dacy brought by her roommate's new puppy. We named him Jesse White, after Dacy's guy friend. Isn't little Jesse so cute?

Doesn't little Jesse taste so good? Derek could definitely win at Iron Chef.

We didn't really cook Jesse, but someone definitely cooked Benji and sold him at the supermarket. Tasted kind of like roast beef. Kind of.

Flashback to Thanksgiving. Preparing to teach some students American football. The foreigners are (left to right) Angelyn, Darla, and Andrew.

The chaos that ensued.


The traditional Christmas cake with a dog in a Santa suit. Wouldn't be Christmas without it!

Yvonne painting Happy Guy's door for Christmas. Derek's just having fun in the background.

The finished product. Merry Christmas from the Happy Family!

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