Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Maybe some possibly tentative ideas for consideration when thinking about if I would perhaps like to travel this holiday break. Maybe.

Recent news: I only have one more final to administer and then I'm done with classes for the semester. It snowed two days ago (didn't stick or anything, but it was still fun). I have awesome Chinese friends. Playing mahjong for two and a half hours is the perfect way to begin lunch in a Chinese home. A crummy day in China can be made better by avoiding English. The language barrier seems to magnify the problem and I find it more relaxing to be the one struggling to speak than to be speaking fine and wish the other person could do it too. Besides, many Chinese people's personalities don't show through when they're using English. Or else only the annoying parts show. Sometimes, not always. On to other things...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and talk about my plans for traveling. Yes, again. Plan Q. The first 16 plans didn't quite make it through to the final stages. I have high hopes for this plan, though! So I've coerced Darla and Frank into traveling with me to Yunnan. Darla is one of our foreign teachers at the medical school across town and Frank is a student there. Darla is really stuck on the idea of not doing anything at all during the break. She really just wants to sit here in Shiyan for 6 weeks and do nothing. Yeah, that sounds like a load of fun! Seriously, girl. So we're going to take about another week to give her some relaxation time before we go. In the meantime, I've got a trip planned this Thursday to Ox Head Mountain, which should be an all day affair. Then Friday morning some of us are planning on heading over to Wudang Mountain (birthplace of Taoism and Wudang style kungfu). That will be an overnight affair, so we'll be coming back Saturday. Possibly Sunday, but probably Saturday. Anyhoo, Ox Head Mountain is just on the edge of town here so it's not that far. Wudang is a little less than an hour, but I hear that it's snowy once you get to the top. I'm excited about that! I'll make sure and take lots of pictures. So next week Darla, Frank, and I will head off on the train to Kunming, the Spring City. We'll spend about three weeks traveling to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, and Guilin (which is in another province but we really wanted to tag it onto the end of the trip). It should be a bit warmer in those places, in the 60s instead of the 30s, and the scenery is supposed to be incredible. I've been to Guilin before, but I definitely wouldn't mind going again. Beth, a teacher in Yichang, will probably join us after her classes end around the 3rd of February. Beth, Darla, and Frank all want to be back in Wuhan on the 14th, so they'll all leave Guilin together and catch the train to Wuhan. I will do one of two things. 1) Go to Hong Kong for about 6 days and then head down to Hainan to meet Derek, Angelyn, Janis, and Yvonne on their way back from Cambodia. 2) Go home. The home option came about this morning and isn't even a definite option yet. My sister called and after we were done talking she asked if I would come home if someone bought me a ticket. Before, this was definitely not an option. That's a lot of money for two or three weeks at home! But the thought has been in my head all day and I don't think I can say that it doesn't sound like a good idea. Anyhoo, if the opportunity presents itself then I might take it, but otherwise I'll be wandering my way all over south China.

I just got a phone call inviting me to an exciting evening over at the medical school, so I should probably wrap this up. I hope everyone is having a good time, because I sure am! Let me hear from you.


Angelyn said...

Hey Bri-Bri!

Checked your blog in Nanning, per your overstated request. haha

Hope all is going well with you and your plan Q. I have faith in this one!

Derek cried himself to sleep last night wishing you were here with us. Well, maybe he wasn't literally or physically crying, but I know his heart was...
*Awkward Pause*

Anywhoo - take care, and I'll send you a message the next time we check your blog.

Love ya!

Neals in Nashville said...

I vote for travelling home!! Why not, it would be fun. Better than sitting around the apartment all day (not that you do that). Talk to you later. Skype me tonight if you get this (Friday morning for you). I have some stuff I need to talk with you about. I have tried calling you a few times, but you are never there (out having a good time I guess). Talk to you later

bethquarles said...

Thanks for making me have to face plan z!!!!
I hope you have fun in the States anyways!!!

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