Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Changing seasons

Tonight was a good night. After an hour of taiji, Angelyn and I went over to the Lewis' for jambalaya and general merriment. We hung out, chatted, laughed at things, and enjoyed a nice movie. Casablanca. It was pretty good, I'd never seen it before. The dinner was great, but the crowning moment of the evening was when she brought out the homemade cinnamon rolls she had made for dessert. I can't really describe how awesome they were, you just need to know that they were. Awesome.

On our way home I noticed a few things. Mainly, it's a lot colder here now. A week or two ago, I was still wearing short sleeve shirts and leaving my door and windows open. Now I'm bundling up and using the heater. With the door and windows closed, of course. I've come to love using my awesome army jacket as an awesome housecoat. Anyhoo, it's cold, it's getting colder, and apparently snow is already in the forecast. I heard a rumor that it was supposed to snow last night and it's once again supposed to snow tonight. BUT, according to my internet weather thingy on my computer, the temperature has been hovering around 50 all day today and should do the same tomorrow. The leaves are falling off the trees in droves today, probably helped along by the light wind and rain. It's just helping everything seem more like autumn, finally.

Well, I think I've had it for tonight. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Friday I have class and a 2 hour lecture that I haven't prepared, so don't expect an update before Saturday. Until that time, make sure you chew every bite 25 times before you swallow.

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