Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Things I like.

Due to popluar demand, I'm posting a list of things I like that aren't really available where I am and would be greatly appreciated. Don't feel obligated or anything, but if the mood strikes you then feel free to mail something in my direction sometime. First of all, here's where to find me:

Brian Neal
c/o Foreign Affairs Office
Hubei Automotive Institute
Shiyan City, Hubei 442002
People's Republic of China

Now for the goods:

Poptarts - strawberry or blueberry, no frosting please
Reese's mini cups - mmmmmmmmm
Koolaid is good - grape Koolaid is not so good, though
granola bars - crunchy or soft, not peanut butter flavor, please
Power Gels for running - would be nice but I don't really expect any. Last minute idea.
Cheese is always nice, especially swiss or cheddar or something else that's actually cheese and melts and isn't the stuff they claim is cheese here. Velveeta, not real cheese but as good as real cheese.
Muffin mix
Stuffing mix
Cookie mix (the kind where you just add water or an egg or something simple like that)
Peanut butter - they have Skippy here, but so far my experience with it is that I should just skippy right over it and eat something else. I'll try it again to be sure and possibly retract this statement.
Magazines - Newsweek, Time, anything cool like that. I've been told that Reader's Digest is taken care of, so don't send that.
Newspapers - even if the news is three weeks late, it's nice being able to read a newspaper in English. If you use newspaper as the stuffing in the box, I can flatten it back out.
Smell good candles - nothing fancy, the ones at Walmart work GREAT. This place smells weird.

I should also tell you some things NOT to send. Most of these are things I've gotten in the mail before.

Peanuts - China is overflowing with peanuts, save your postage.
Ramen noodles - Where am I again? Oh, right. China!
Oreos - Believe it or not, you can get Oreos just about anywhere here. Along with:

That's all I can think of for now. If you get the hankering to send a guy some love in a box, feel free to let said guy (hopefully me) know. Just to avoid unnecessary spending on postage. And in case I really really need something. Like a Sonic milkshake. I think that would make it over, don't you? One last warning, before you go loading up a box with everything on the list you should check out postage rates first. I don't want to break your bank!


Grams said...

You can take Reader's Digest off your list if you want.

Neals in Nashville said...

Hey there guy!!! Been thinking of you and enjoying reading what has been going on. Take care.


Stiles_Dad said...

We can send you TIME magazine... I'll start saving them up for you...