Thursday, September 07, 2006

Some pictures of campus.

So the other day (I think it was Tuesday) we had an awesomely clear, sunny day. Those aren't in great abundance here so we took the opportunity to climb the hill/mountain behind our building and get some pictures.

This picture is just looking over campus towards the mountains in the distance. See the building in the very bottom of the shot with the light bluish balconies? Our apartment building is just on the other side of that. You can't see it from this angle.

This is a cool critter we saw whilst hiking up the trail. Hugest grasshopper ever!

This is a view of what is directly across the street from our school. Good ol' power plant. No, it's not nuclear.

That's all the pictures for now. I'm working on a video tour of my apartment for your enjoyment. It takes about 5 minutes to post one picture and I just don't feel like posting any more right now. Maybe later!


Grams said...

Brian -- the pictures are great. I missed those views when I was there. China really is a pretty place all things considered.

Rachel said...

yay for pictures! the mountains are beautiful...