Friday, August 18, 2006

Hanging out in the heat.

Today was the second time I ever tried to hit a golf ball (besides miniature golf), and the first time I ever hit a golf ball and it didn't go the wrong direction into the neighbor's garage. I'm here in MS at my mom's and today I got to go hang out with my brothers and an old family friend as they played the longest round of gold ever. In 100 degree heat. I opted out of actually playing since my one previous attempt at hitting a golf ball went so awry (see above). But I did hit two or three balls off the tee. It felt quite good, I must say. And thanks to the miracle of sunblock I don't think I'm very sunburnt.

It's been nice to be here the last three days or so. I got to speak at church on Wednesday night and say a few words. It got a little difficult at the end, but I made it through. Basically I said thanks for all the help that's been given to me and please think of me often while I'm in China. Then last night my family had to go and get all sappy on me. My mom made me a big blanket to keep me warm since it feels incredibly cold in China in the winter. And alllll over it are verses that different family and friends chose and my mom sewed on. I think 14 or so. At the time it was almost more than I could handle. I mean, I'm leaving in a week, I don't really need much help to feel emotional!

Matthew is the only family member we lack, and he'll be rolling in tonight. The rest of the weekend should be filled with good food, lots of nieces running around making too much noise, mahjong, farkle, and me trying to get out of the chaos. Enjoy it while I can, right?


Katie said...

I will be praying for you. It is a part of your mom's job to get you emotional before you leave. You are going to do great things in China. I am so excited to hear the stories. God bless and call me when you get back to Nashvegas.

Your Favorite Cuz said...

Brian!! I am going to miss you! I will be praying for you!! That was really sweet of your mom to make that blanket for you. Have fun with everyone this weekend and tell them I said hello!

China Brian said...

Thanks... Jessica?