Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Poems from High School

When I was in the 10th grade ('96-'97) I had an English assignment that involved creating a massive collection of poems, personal information, and family history written by myself and members of my family. The poems and personal information were all written by myself, the family history was a collection of stories compiled by my two grandmothers. On my return from China, I was reunited with the storage bins that my mom so graciously kept for me, and inside one of these bins I found my old assignment. After reading through it, I decided to present a few selections for your enjoyment.

My Favorite Family Member

My favorite family member is my oldest brother Michael. I like him because he is always nice to me (unless I wake him up). He's always in a good mood, so he's fun to be around. He knows how to have a good time and he almost always invites me to go with him. I like being around him because he is a good person and he's not that hard to get along with.

Letter Poem

Dear Michael,
Your visit was looked forward to. We really missed you. The thought of your next trip is overwhelming - not because of your presence. Because you owe me five dollars.

Comparison Poem

Dad, you are like a tall oak tree.
You stand tall before the problems of life,
You withstand even the mightiest winds,
Yet you are as gentle and fun as a puppy.
You bring happiness to people who need it most,
And you expect nothing in return.
You are an oak to withstand all but people needing happiness.

Warning Poem

When I am an old man, I will talk to dogs.
I will wear ugly golf pants and clear my throat a lot.
I will live next door to a golf course and keep all of the balls that come into my yard.
If anyone drives their cart into my yard, I will throw the balls at them,
I will yell and clap my hands whenever anyone tries to hit their ball,
When the golf course goes out of business, I will hang out at Wal-Mart and tell stories to people I know.

I could let my dogs run around the neighborhood chasing people,
Or I could keep anything that kids leave in my yard.
Then I could sell it to pay for the gas going to and from Wal-Mart.
I might even steal other people's mail.

But I can't do it just yet because I'm still in high school,
I still have to get a job and retire,
I have to wait a couple of decades, too.
Besides, my parents would never allow it.


Anonymous said...

Brian, I loved your poems.

I think your brother Michael is an awesome man.

I loved your dad and he was just as you described.

What a great family you have ... and I see from reading your posts for months that this greatness also belongs to you. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I give you a B+ on the Warning Poem just because :) Glad you posted the poem about Dad. Did you ever get your five dollars from Michael?


LaughingLaura said...

Warning Poem = Totally Awesome!

Can I come visit you when you're old and throw golf balls at the golfers with you? I promise to find a pair of plaid pants to wear that clash with yours.

Jessica said...

I would TOTALLY hang out with that guy...

Natalie Ensor said...

We have to remain friends when you are old!

Donna said...

Somehow I think you got the idea about throwing the golf balls from Grandmother!!! That sounds like something she'd enjoy doing.

Now that I'm an OLD woman, maybe I'll take some of your ideas and see how they work for me!!

I've always enjoyed your journals and I guess we can thank the great english teachers you've had for your brillant talent!

Maybe you should look for a job in journalism!?

Love, Aunt Donna