Friday, July 11, 2008


How's it feel to be back in the greatest country on the planet? I'm not sure, but it feels good to be back in America at any rate. Ha! Just kidding. That's an old joke that some of you may understand. Anyhoo, I'm in the Nashville area for a few days. I arrived yesterday (Thursday?) morning around 9:30 and so far I'm tired tired tired but not quite as cranky as usual. Just a little cranky. I think part of it is that people learned not to ask me so many questions on my first day back, which is awesome. I'll be going to Mississippi on Sunday. I'll post more trip details later, but for now I hope this will suffice.


Peace family said...

Glad you are back safely!

GUY said...

What? You're here?! But wait you're not. Crap. You're leave today. Ugh. I was in the car thinking that you must be home so I came by the blog to check... call me when you back in Nashville. WELCOME BACK!

Jesse White said...

Also glad you made it back safely. Thanks again for touring around with my family. It was good spending some time with you in China. Shoot me an e-mail sometime!