Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jeremy is headed home

Jeremy is back in China to collect his belongings and say goodbye to his friends. He will return to the USA early next week. He is continuing to improve. Jeremy's medical condition will be evaluated after his return to the USA, but his future medical needs are unknown at this time.

We are pleased to report (as of 2/20/2008) that the funds received by FHU for the benefit of Jeremy McGill’s medical expenses total $23,566. FHU has expensed $13,500 for a net balance remaining of $10,066. There have been 114 donors and 123 gifts given.

Thanks to all for their generosity in helping Jeremy in this crisis.

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Grams said...

That's wonderful news. I know his family must be very happy right now. Hope you are having a great week. Let me know when you get your packages. I'm mailing your bday pkg tomorrow.

Love you