Monday, August 06, 2007

Oh, how little I've done

Well, I've been back in the US for 6 weeks. During that time I drove through 10 states, pumped gas 11 times, drank 50 root beers, ate 20 Sonic blasts, talked to 13 friends on the phone, got 185 mosquito bites, ate Chinese food 3 times, called China 2 times, checked my email 252 times, wore the same 4 shirts, did laundry 1 time (just kidding), scored a 222 while bowling on the Wii, played with 5 nieces, 1 nephew, 9 dogs, and 1 cat (not all at once), attended 1 Christmas dinner, 1 Thanksgiving dinner, 3 1/2 birthday parties, and 1 wedding (mostly all at once), listened to "I Can Be Your Friend" (from a VeggieTales CD) 904,296 times, chipped 90 golf balls in Matthew's backyard, gained 17 pounds, ran 0 times, slept on the floor 15 times, slept on the couch 23 times, helped change 4 spark plugs, took 22 trips up and down mom's stairs to carry boxes down so she can move, mowed 2 yards, and I did ALL of this while living out of 1 suitcase. I'm tired of my suitcase.

I've had a great time being back, but I'm ready to go back to work now. I've been overloaded on free time, couch time, and ice cream time. I need to go back to where I can walk everywhere and there's no Sonic. Anyhoo, if I missed talking to you I'm really sorry. Most of the time I was here my mind was in a daze so I really don't know who I passed over. Let me know and I'll make up for it! Tomorrow I'm flying to Xi'an, and from there I'll make my way down the Silk Road to Urumqi and Kashgar for about two weeks. I know what you're thinking. "I thought he was tired of his suitcase!" Well, I'll be using a backpack (thanks for the gift card, Guy!) so it's not the same. Plus I'll be surrounded by non-Chinese culture, which will be weird since I'll be in China. I'll talk more about that as I go. I vow to take good pictures, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to post them before my trip is over and I make it back to my apartment. Thanks for the good time everyone, I'll see you next time.


Jessica said...

Have a safe trip back Brian. Hope to be able to see you again next time you are state side.

Tony said...

see you soon brother. proud of you dude!

G said...

Yippee - A backpack!! That makes me smile.