Thursday, October 05, 2006

Halfway through the holidays and all is well!

Well, here it is Thursday (at least I think it's Thursday) and I haven't suffered too badly through this holiday week. I've only really had one day that was just totally wasted by me sitting around doing nothing. That day just happened to be today, but I'm not really complaining. You see, two days ago I managed to get in some badminton time and I played for about two and a half hours. When you haven't played badminton in a year and a half, that may be too much for the first time back in the game. So yesterday my right arm was basically useless. Well yesterday I got up at 5:30 so I could be ready for my 6:00 kungfu lesson. Since it's the holiday we're meeting at 6 in the morning as opposed to our normal time of 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Makes sense to me! We ran over to the football field and did a few laps around the track. That was the plan, at least. When we got there the track was covered with about 3,000 freshman in the midst of their military training. If you weren't aware, the freshmen always do a month of military training before they begin classes. This is their last week. Now, if I had my way, we would have turned around and come back to my building and practiced outside of here where fewer people could watch. But since I don't always get my way we just found a little space off to the side and practiced some new kungfu moves while 3,000 freshman stared and yelled intermittent 'Hello's. It was great, let me tell ya. Not the least bit intimidating. The best part was that we were going to go back this morning at 6, but my wonderful kungfu teacher slept in and never showed up. So I woke up at 5:30 today, on the one day when I actually had no plans to be doing anything and had all day to sleep in. It was a good day. I did nothing, and this has been the longest day EVER. Well, I did some things. I read a lot, watched 2 or 3 movies, sat on the balcony... that's about it. Oh! My apartment also hasn't had water since yesterday afternoon. It was supposedly going to be back on at 4:00 today, but that was almost 6 hours ago. Not looking too promising. Tomorrow is another official holiday. It's the Mid Autumn Festival, a.k.a. the Moon Festival. It's basically like our Thanksgiving. Families all get together (or at least try to) and if you're not with your family then you're probably feeling down in the dumps. For that reason, I'm having some Family over tomorrow night for a time of fun and festivities. Some students are from too far away to travel home this week, so I'm sure they will enjoy a meal together. After we eat we're going to eat mooncakes and go outside and look at the moon. Why, you ask? Ancient Chinese tradition, that's why! Look it up, I can't teach you everything. I could, but it would take too long and I'm too lazy. Well, that's all for today. I plan on sleeping late tomorrow, so don't nobody call me earlier than 11:00.


Grams said...

When do we get more pictures?

Neal 24/7 said...

hey bro- been in ruidoso this past weekend. had a lot of fun. rained the entire time. snowed on the mountain. matthew took your car to get a new battery. stupid car. time to get rid of that thing. miss you tons and tons. will have internet in the dungeon soon. so we can talk on skype. lub lub